Renatio et Gloriam

» 2 months ago

Is nearly there. On the website is the latest draft edition which will be played at Devizes & Britcon, as well as over 120 supporting lists. Why is it freely […]

» 5 months ago

Britcon has now gone live and I am delighted that ReG is on it as Renaissance has always been my love and passion since I started playing wargames and I […]

» 6 months ago

The Renatio et Gloriam Forum is now launched. Currently only beta testers can register and post. But certain areas are now visible for viewing.

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Mortem et Gloriam
New Army builder 2019.2 2 months ago

A minor update to the Army Builder with only 3 tweaks – so no need to switch to 2019.2 unless these affect you: Kiel price reduced as RJC and I […]

Renatio et Gloriam 2 months ago
Update on Production 4 months ago