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» 7 days ago

Is nearly there. On the website is the latest draft edition which will be played at Devizes & Britcon, as well as over 120 supporting lists. Why is it freely […]

» 2 months ago

We are very comfortable with most of the rules now. We are going to publish initially as an online set. The rules and datacards will all be pdfs and e-books […]

» 3 months ago

Britcon has now gone live and I am delighted that ReG is on it as Renaissance has always been my love and passion since I started playing wargames and I […]

» 4 months ago

Welcome to The Ancients Zone which contains everything for Mortem et Gloriam (Death and Glory). Our game pitches you into the worlds of Gauls vs. Romans, Persians vs. Greeks and […]

» 4 months ago

Mortem et Gloriam (MeG for short) is a wargame where you take charge of an army from the ancient world – loosely defined as the period before gunpowder and firearms. […]

» 4 months ago

A new document has been added to the Additional Downloads section of the Ancients Zone. Called “Sample Armies” it contains 12 pairs of 10,000 point armies, loosely based upon historical […]

» 4 months ago

Lists revised for 2019 organised play Chariot Period Classical Period Early Medieval Later Medieval Early Asian Later Asian Americas and Africa

» 4 months ago

2019 Rules Materials Additional Materials Campaigns Refights and Scenarios Tutorial Videos

» 4 months ago

Setting up the battlefield. Contour 110 on right. Lots of fields with bocage and tall crops. Five sided field top right. The full background go to the example chapter  German […]

» 5 months ago

Welcome to The WW2 Zone. I have been wargaming WW2 since starting playing with my good friend Mark Bevis on his doorstep with unpainted Heroics & Ros micro-armour back in […]

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Mortem et Gloriam
New Army builder 2019.2 3 days ago

A minor update to the Army Builder with only 3 tweaks – so no need to switch to 2019.2 unless these affect you: Kiel price reduced as RJC and I […]