Update on Production

We are very comfortable with most of the rules now. We are going to publish initially as an online set. The rules and datacards will all be pdfs and e-books All that is then needed physically is a set of command discs and the WTZ coloured dice. You can make the former easily and its nice to see people do that. The other big plus is we will have all vehicle datacards available at launch – so you can play BEF 1940, 1941 Desert or Russia 1945 as you please. 🙂

Extras will all be available are are indeed already in stock in many cases. So we will have:

  1. The usual dice
  2. Grey WiC command disc sets comprising 55 MDF discs with tank logo, coloured stickers to create the reverse, grey command disc back with logo.
  3. British Military wallet ‘Card holder” for the datacards with WiC logo. Having tried them out printing your own and inserting them has some merit and feels no different to the cards.
  4. Marker sets in acrylic.
  5. MDF command bases to hold discs for your BHQ and companies
  6. MDF Hidden Deployment Bases should you want to use this fun part of the game.
  7. Army lists will be on the site as PDF downloads at £1 each so you can just pick and choose what you want. This mirrors the approach Mark Bevis has had for many years with hi MicroMark list – there are 1000s of them. Each list will be a ready made force along with options for a 6 month period. Later we will add specific ones for individual Divisions at certrain dates.

Then after 12 months once we have taken all feedback we will do a physical print and do the big a6 datacards if they appeal to enough people

You as players may come up with some great tweaks before then. And we can judge whether it is better to do a big bang version or not. Also doing it this way secures the publication of ReG later this year. More news soon. Watch out for photos of the accessories on here, website and the FB page. Testers may fancy a few to help with games.

In short little changing in the game

2 sets in 1 with more clinical separation

We are going to redraft to have effectively two sets of rules in one. The master set that has the full reality that we are aiming for and the competition set which has a number of simplifications and short cuts that are acceptable to allow games in 2 1/2 hours. To give a quick example: HDCs will be recommended in full inthe main rules as it brings the FoG of war; for competitions the numbers will be more limited. Recce in the main rules will use the full system to identify them; in the comp set recce vehciles will get a roll each at the beginning of a scenario to turn some of them over. So keeping the theme and feel but with short cuts to save time.

Penetration vs Armour

We have had a good review of penetration and armour and how we handle that (Thanks Derby testers for the discussion).
Our approach is to take the maximum penetration of a gun at a range and compare it to armour.
That tells us whether it passes the test of “has sufficient penetration to potentially cause serious damage”.

This however should not guarantee and effect. So we are changing the table for effect to remove Suppression from the table. This then logically covers us for dud shells, funny hits etc. So suppression is simpler and only comes form the S on the main dice roll.

In the skirmish set I have onthe go a vehicles has an armour for each d10 hit location so you can deal with vehicles with vary varied armour on a turrey or hull. We need to approximate that and are figuring out the best way.

All chapters are drafted. We have secured 20 amazing prints to use in the rules – will be stunning. Diagrams needed next. Having lost a little time due to a car incident and family stuff I suspect April online. So not long to go.

We may well do a launch competition at Britcon 2019. Watch this space if interested. Will be done late in the day and only 6 players and a round robin I suspect. Then over to the comminity to organise as they desire. Skull Rollers will have it in 2020.


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