Renaissance Beta Comp

Britcon has now gone live and I am delighted that ReG is on it as Renaissance has always been my love and passion since I started playing wargames and I never had so much fun as playing at Britcon with a large group of friends. The rules are already stable and available in draft if you haven’t got them and the new version of the army builder with be out by the week after next so plenty of time to work out your favourite army. (or MeG renaissance beta as BHGS have put). If ancients is your preference MEG tickets are also available and will be as much fun as ever, but I sincerely hope that many of my old renaissance friends will join me in creating yet again an excellent renaissance competition at Britcon, so please book your tickets early and get practising. For those of you who want more competitions that that ReG is also running at Devizes this year

Any questions feel free to get in contact—reg.html

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