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Welcome to The Ancients Zone which contains everything for Mortem et Gloriam (Death and Glory). Our game pitches you into the worlds of Gauls vs. Romans, Persians vs. Greeks and Teutons vs. Mongols in a fast-moving and bloody encounter. Games can be played in three formats:

  1. Full = 3hr game with the full spectacle of 70-90 bases in an army on a 6’x4′ in 15mm.
  2. Magna = 2hr game with 40-60 bases in an army and designed especially for 28mm on a 6×4 – hence Magna for large (toys).
  3. Pacto = 1hr game with 20-30 bases for those who like small compact games, played on a 3’x2′ in 15mm – hence Pacto for compact..

So you can now enjoy the MeG game whatever your preference and we even have ready printed armies in Pacto so you can join in the fun even if you haven’t got any figures yet.

Players are finding that the feel and character of armies in unparalleled and we have over 600 FREE lists on line in this zone, that are updated and improved with new input from out community of well over 1000 players. Some of whom have inspired additions to our popular cartoons. 

We have also used modern technology and methods so that in 2019 we have the rules – lists – points combination optimised together. This is a first in wargaming as most rules are never optimised even after decade and a few reprints. The new version will feature the fantastic artwork of Guiseppe Rava.

We are not anticipating any change to the rules that is material for several years to come now. As ever there will be a special upgrade deal for the original 300 MeG Spartans and anyone who has purchased recently. All part of our passion for creating the best combination of game and historical feel ever. Have fun and join in with the ever expanding global community of players. To a great 2019 of skull rolling.

Simon Hall

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2 Replies to “Welcome to The Ancients Zone”

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    Stephen Jones says:

    I like the sound of Meg , and am thinking about changing to these rules from Impetus for my Ancient Wargaming in 15mm. However, I don’t want to rebase my figures from the 8cm wide bases of Impetus that I like . Is it possible to play Meg using Impetus size unit bases or not ?.

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      Self says:

      Hi Stephen

      We play MeG down here sometimes with impetus basing. The best way is to treat a base as 2 or 4 MeG bases. All you do in practice is accumulate wounds until the larger base is lost. Use 1/2 impetus frontage as a BW.


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