Welcome to The Wargames Zone : my personal wargaming website that links to all my rules and to my publisher The Plastic Soldier Company (PSC).

I have played everything from ancient Egypt to Sci-Fi; massive battles to small skirmish games, competitions to re-enactments to campaigns, RPGs and LRPs – and enjoyed them all (see about Simon Hall for a bit more background). The site has zones for each different period which connect directly to the dedicated rule websites for each period, or news thereof where they are not yet published. It also links the on-line store for rules and Lurkio Figures.

My recent rules have a common core called the Colour Command & Combat System (CCC Games for short). This was invented for Mortem et Gloriam, my rules for the ancient period, but it has since proved applicable to all periods. Such a common core allows us to switch easily between periods: the core is familiar and specific adaptations give the feel and character of each period. It also gives a very engaging and fast-moving game where the players are fully involved.

Mortem et Gloriam has around 1200 players worldwide by the time of my partnership with PSC. We already have competitions and large followings in six countries. Alasdair Harley who won the 2020 MeG World Championship in June, and players from France, Belgium, USA and Australia have featured at the event at Battlefield Hobbies.

From 2020 PSC is publishing the MeG Compendium along with a range of 15mm figures using a new plastic technology. The quality of these plastics stunned me. The compendium features three sizes of games, allowing you to play 20-30 bases in a little over an hour on a 3’x2’ play mat through to the big-battle version with 60-100 bases in 3 hours on a. 6’x4’. You will find everything you need at www.mortemetgloriam.co.uk, including over 650 free army lists, a finely balanced point system, and an on-line army builder.

Check out the news on Renato et Gloriam in the Renaissance Zone, World in Conflict 39-45 and Men of Steel 39-45 in the WW2 Zone, Invasion Earth in the Sci-Fi Zone, Gloire de Guerre in the Napoleonic Zone. And do join the forums or FB pages for any of the games where you find a warm welcome from the community of players.

Simon Hall

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