The Wargames Zone has been set up to be a community of interest for wargamers in all parts of the world and interested in all eras. For my part I have played everything from ancient Egypt to Sci-Fi. You will find zones on this site for different period and genres which will be gradually populated with my own rulesets.  All the sets use the Colour Command & Combat System (CC&CS) first utilised in Mortem et Gloriam, thereby allowing players to easily switch between periods while keeping the flavour of each period.

Mortem et Gloriam now has over 1200 players worldwide and competitions in six countries. Congratulations to Alasdair Harley who won the MeG world championship earlier this year.

In 2020 we are launching the MeG Compendium which has 3 sizes of games allowing you to play the Pacto version with 20-30 bases in a little over an hour, the Magna version with 40-60 in 2 hours, or the Maximus game with 60-100 bases in 3 hours. You will find all materials in The Ancients Zone including over 650 free army lists and a perfected point system and army builder.

Renaissance et Gloriam is already in the Renaissance Zone in draft form. Our WW2 rules, under working title World in Conflict 39-45, will be going on sale in 2020.  These have been developed withd my long term friend Mark Bevis (MicroMark lists)  and you can find an overview of them now in the WW2 zone. We also have a fast-moving sci-fi skirmish game coming out soon – so watch out for Invasion Earth.  The Napoleonic rule set – Gloire de Guerre – should be out in 2021.

TWZ is now the owner of Lurkio Miniatures – developed originally by good friend and team member Simon Clarke.  We are converting all the 15mm ranges to single piece casting and adding new ranges for Amulghavars and Dailami – more news soon.

See you in the zones.

Simon Hall


The Ancients Zone News
4 months ago
Mortem et Gloriam
New Army builder 2019.2

A minor update to the Army Builder with only 3 tweaks – so no need to switch to 2019.2 unless these affect you: Kiel price reduced as RJC and I […]

The Renaissance Zone News
4 months ago
Renatio et Gloriam
Renatio et Gloriam

Is nearly there. On the website is the latest draft edition which will be played at Devizes & Britcon, as well as over 120 supporting lists. Why is it freely […]

The WW2 Zone News
6 months ago
World in Conflict
Update on Production

We are very comfortable with most of the rules now. We are going to publish initially as an online set. The rules and datacards will all be pdfs and e-books […]

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