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Author Topic: Test Types  (Read 75 times)


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Test Types
« on: January 27, 2020, 02:08:59 PM »
More clarity
Test Types
When a test calls upon ‘markers in the square’ it will be one of two types either based on colour or value.

Colour Test
Roll a dice equal to the colour for each Adversities & Command Colour marker in the square. Even if testing for a unit all the markers in the square count. In the case of testing for multiple squares use the square with the highest colour marker in.

Value Test
Roll a number of dice equal to the sum of the Adversities & Command Colour markers value. Where an Adversities marker has no value  treat its value as one.  The only result of for a value test is an S (or a 6). All of the CCC dice have a single S so the colour is irrelevant.

The reiterate the value of the Command Colours

+4 dice    Red Colour Colours
+3 dice    Yellow Colour Colour
+2 dice    Green Colour Colour
+1 dice    White Colour Colour
+0 dice    Black Colour Colour

As Square has an Order:Fire-Green(2), Casualty Total:Yellow,  Smoke:White
A Colour Test would be 1 yellow dice, 1 green dice and 1 white dice
A Value Test would be 5 dice