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Author Topic: Men of Steel intro  (Read 132 times)


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Men of Steel intro
« on: October 29, 2019, 12:39:07 PM »
The objective is to provide a fast moving and realistic 1-1 WW2 skirmish game using 15/20/28mm figures.  It is one of there "Skirmrish through the Ages" series where the same fundamental rule system is used for skirmish games across several different periods.  You will find the concepts a simple extension of those seen ins my Sci-Fi Historical transition game called Invasion Earth.

The game uses my CCC colour system but in the standard game only uses the Skull Dice and saves the colour command chits for the enhanced game.  You can use a standard plating in 28mm Bold Action or 20mm Rapid Fire as one model represents one man as depicted.

The game is intended to allow a full platoon game with infantry HW and perhaps one or two light vehicles to be played out in 2 hours.  The enhanced set then introduced the command chits for more involved game play as well as AFVs, off-table artillery, aircraft, Airborne ops, Amphibious Ops etc.

The draft rules and QRS for testing are in the rule section below.  PSC will have 20mm figures to go with the game with the first ones available around Xmas.  They look superb.

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