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Author Topic: PSC version to be Divisions of Steel  (Read 450 times)


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PSC version to be Divisions of Steel
« on: October 22, 2019, 10:12:00 AM »
I have now agreed that the mainstream WW2 battle rules will go out with PSC and will be called Divisions of Steel with the skirmish set being called Men of Steel.  Indeed the mechanism for AFVs are the same in both games.  Divisions of Steel a base of 3-4 infantry representing a squad with vehicles 1-1; Men of Steel works 1-1 figures in figures and vehicles.

Divisions of Steel is a fast paced and realistic WW2 main battle game that can be played using the 15mm figures many of us already have in our cupboards with no rebasing required.  It works in any scale from 6mm to 20mm.  It uses the CCC system for Command & Control and Shooting, Fighting and Morale.

The essence of the game is to bring out two key features of WW2 combat:
1.  Repeat Activation by better troops. The reality was that better trained troops simply did more effective work than poor quality ones.  This is reflected directly in the rules with units being able to repeat activate.  A unit of top quality British Paras (BT1) are much ore likely to be able to do 2 or 3 actions a turn that green Americans in Tunisia (DT3) or early War Russians (BT4).
2.  Combined Arms Capability. The better led armies have much greater capacity for clever moves and combined arms. By having  the options to activate more than one troop at a time and also to keep the initiative the rules allow the historical capability of some armies (SS BT2 Germans) too coordinate artillery and infantry  well while forcing others to rely on numbers, non-tactical moves and courage (early was BT4 Russian).

Of course all this is built into the points system so you will get twice as many DT3s as BT2s.  So numbers will have their own quality in competition games.

A typical 2.5 hour competition game should average two companies a side and a full battalion level game can be played comfortably in a days gaming.

Please post your comments from testing below as we go through the final stage of development prior to publishing in 2020.

Simon Hall & Mark Bevis
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