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Author Topic: INVASION EARTH  (Read 115 times)


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« on: October 22, 2019, 09:24:01 AM »
Technical Game Concept

A 1-1 skirmish game that uses half of the CCC system initially.  So all we use is the dice.  Alternating actions by the two sides.  Skull dice used for shooting and fighting. Fast and furious.

The game is driven by fundamental characteristics of Humans and Martians:
1. Humans:  are faster and their Martini-Henry rifles are very dangerous if concentrated fire is possible, but squishy and need leadership.  Use of their officers is vital to get mass fire on individual Martians.
2. Martians: much more dangerous individually, far from squishy, and have the ability to drop from the sky to cause chaos.  But they are also dedicated to retrieving the life crystals of any fallen comrades, which can be their downfall if things start going badly.

The game is fast moving and plays in about an hour with a 6 Martians War Group against 27 British Infantry under 2 officers.  The interaction of there characteristics leads to a much ore interesting game that would first appear - it has suprising depth for a game which runs of a simple 1-pager QRS with a set of skull dice.

The later advanced set adds the other half of the CCC system with command discs, a greater range of actions, and with morale based on the colour dice.  This then becomes a more involved thinking game but still plays in about 90 mins.

Historical setting - 1879

The story begins with a mix of historical vs SciFi as Martians land on earth in various places.  This gives us the opportunity to play out Martians vs. the wide range of human warriors of the time: such as .... 1) British infantry, 2) Boers and Zulus, 3). Chinese Boxers, 4) Afghan Tribes, and 5) 7th Cavalry and Sioux Indians.

But as the story unfolds we get aliens from other planets joining the fray, allowing players to move into full Sci-Fi territory with Martians vs Neptunians vs Jupitans vs Saturnites, or to move more into full historical wargaming with colonial skirmish using the same rules.  The core rules for both are the same, as indeed are rules in the forthcoming PSC WW2 skirmish set Men of Steel.

Battle for the Solar System Trilogy

The game is accompanied by a novel in three short books aimed at teenagers.  Book 1 is Invasion Earth.  The chapters will feature in the rules and create scenarios form the story. If there is enough interest, it may stand alone as an independent book to accompany the game and vice-versa. 

Wouldn't it be great to get this in WH Smith to grow the hobby?! A Sci-Fi book with an accompanying game that has a clear path to historical wargaming.  Surely a great marketing vehicle for the hobby.

First chapter is loaded up on this forum to read.  If you like it please give the initiative your support.