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Author Topic: Welcome to Invasion Earth  (Read 123 times)


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Welcome to Invasion Earth
« on: October 22, 2019, 08:17:05 AM »
I firmly believe we have 10 Sci-Fi wargamers out there for every 1 historical one.  And probably 20 military modellers. And maybe 50 people who read and are interested in the topic.

But the profile of our player base is raging.  Our historical tabletop wargaming passion is flourishing not because we have more players, but because many latent players from the past who are returning to the hobby with time and money.  Here is a recent FB survey on historical wargaming.

Age Survey by Simon Hall, on Flickr

I firmly believe we all need to put effort into growing our hobby. Enjoy our hobby for many hours a year but each spend a few marketing it to the wider community. 

To do my bit, I have created a cross-over game.  It builds on the colour skull dice which do appeal to young and SciFi games. Essentially it is the beginners version of the skirmish variant of my CCC system, so a small step to the WW2 Men of Steel version or the Colonial For the Empire version. 

It is also deliberately set a Sci-Fi vs historical game with can evolve into pure Sci-Fi (Martians vs Neptunians) or pure historical (a small step the my WW2 rules Men of Steel). The game is also accompanied by a novel.

I have produced figures for the Martians and Victorian Infantry as Lurkio Miniatures and I have put the rules, QRS and Chapter 1 of the novel onto the Lurkio store as Freeware. 


The figures needed plus a set of dice are up there for just GBP30. Please encourage your friends.  Here are some piccies of the figures.

Martian War Team by Simon Hall, on Flickr

Colour party and Sergeant Clarke copy by Simon Hall, on Flickr

My challenge to everyone is to get a set and play it with young players or sci-fi players and see if you can get them interested in the system, and thereby into historical skirmish games. It's a lot of fun, takes about an hour, and is quite colourful given the martians character in the rules.  My 10 and 8 year old girls like it and my wife is now a convert!  The job really is to use it to grow the hobby.

Please post any feedback here.  If all goes well in then we will produce a full version with 40mm Martians and 60mm Neptunians and 20mm Humans in 2020, with rules optimised from feedback.

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